Australia Legal Internship

Social Security Rights Victoria (SSRV) is a community legal centre that provides legal advice and support to individuals in relation to the Social Security and Homemaking Act. As a community organization, we rely heavily on volunteers and recognize the valuable contribution they make to SSRV and its clients. Australia is a large country with a diversified economy, which increases the chances that you will find the perfect internship that fits your career goals. Internships in Australia are commonly referred to as “work experience”. Pay attention to unpaid internships; These are legal, but must include benefits for you and business gain for the business, and in some regions should not last longer than certain periods. Have you always wanted to work as part of an energetic in-house legal team at a multinational software company? At any given time, RACS has approximately 8-10 law students who volunteer at least one day a week for at least 6 months to assist with administration, research, reception and other tasks. The services provided by these volunteers are invaluable. Volunteers perform a variety of tasks – including national and legal research, assistance with the preparation of section 417 and other submissions, the delivery of documents to the Refugee Review Tribunal and the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Aboriginal Affairs, and assistance with clerical and administrative work. Kate Fischer-Doherty is the Director of MLS Clinics at Melbourne Law School. Prior to joining MLS, Kate worked as a lawyer in the municipal law sector for 10 years, focusing on legal education and supporting disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Her current research interests include the professional and ethical development of students through clinical legal education. The Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) is a national legal service for asylum seekers with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

In Melbourne, RACS merged with the Victorian Immigration Advice and Rights Centre to form the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre (RILC). The Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) is Queensland`s only legal authority specialising in refugee and migration law. RAILS is an independent, non-profit organization that works with volunteers to provide free legal advice, support and community building to disadvantaged people. It advocates judicial review in cases where the need is greatest before the Department of Immigration, review tribunals and, occasionally. The service has a demand that far exceeds its resources and only takes care of cases with the highest priority with the most merit. Internships are available for students during the full-time winter and summer holidays for blocks of 3 weeks. Alternatively, ongoing internships are available and require a commitment of one full day per week during the semester. Scholarships are also offered that include a 3-week commitment as an extension of a legal internship at a member firm. AusAID is the Australian government agency responsible for administering the Australian Overseas Assistance Programme. The objective of the assistance programme is to help developing countries reduce poverty and develop sustainably, in line with Australia`s national interest.

AusAID advises and supports the Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary of State in development policy and plans and coordinates anti-poverty measures in partnership with developing countries. Summer Vacation Employment: AusAID`s Summer Vacation Employment Program is an annual student employment program. Summer holiday work is only available in Canberra and interstate students are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and expenses. Internships: AusAID participates in the Australian National Internship Program, which is administered by the Australian National University. The internship allows people to study development-related fields, carry out projects at AusAID as part of their study program. If you are interested in an internship at AusAID, read the Australian National Internship Program. For more information, please visit: AusAID Short-Term Temporary Work The Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness, in partnership with the Refugee Advice Casework Service (through its Stateless Children programme), is pleased to offer two students the opportunity to participate in this exciting new legal clinic. offers the opportunity to develop practical legal skills through direct collaboration with clients and to help provide essential legal services to stateless refugee children in the Australian citizenship application, with potentially life-changing outcomes. The Australian National Internships Program (ANIP) offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work at the heart of Australian politics and politics. The elite programme offers research-oriented internships in the Australian Federal Parliament, the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory, the civil service or non-governmental organisations. Course Credit: Students of a single LLB (Hons) may count the ANIP internship as an elective in law (LAWS4311/LAWS6311) or a non-legal elective, depending on the scope of the internship completed. Students in an FDD law can count the ANIP internship as part of their law degree or non-legal, depending on the scope of the internship carried out.

Up to three internships are available in the 2nd semester 2021 and/or November 2021/summer 2022.