Bayonet Legal in Ny

To be clear, I don`t currently have the bayonet, the pod or the gun, I just wonder if it was legal before I even bought anything. It`s more than anything else a plan for the future, because I won`t be able to buy a gun until next year, when I`m 18. Magazines are limited to seven bullets, out of 10. If you had a 10-shot clip before the law, you can keep it, but legally only load seven cartridges. Every weapon that was previously legal has an acquired right. However, assault weapons purchased before January 15, 2013 – the day the new law was signed – must be registered with the New York State Police within 12 months. Without knowing it, not registering an offensive weapon would result in a warning and you would have 30 days to register. Those who knowingly possess an unregistered assault weapon could face criminal charges. This is illegal for people who are not in the United States. Citizens who must possess one of the weapons described in section 265.02, even if the presence of such a person in that country is permitted by federal law, even though New York passed a law on June 17, 2019 that allows illegal aliens from the state to apply for driver`s licenses issued in the state of New York.

In New York, knives are less welcome than illegal aliens. The new law, dubbed the NY Safe Act of 2013, bans semi-automatic rifles that have more than one of the so-called military characteristics, including: pistol grip, folding shaft, lightning suppression, thumb hole shaft, bayonet mount and a second handle that can be held by the non-repellent hand. This information is presented as a brief summary of the law and not as legal advice. AKTI is not and cannot be a legal service provider. The use of the website does not create a relationship between the lawyer and the client. Laws are interpreted differently by law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. AKTI suggests that you consult a lawyer for advice. Since an otherwise legal knife can be classified as dangerous in the circumstances of possession, a “gravity knife” could form the basis of a criminal possession charge under § 265.01 abs. 2, although it is no longer restricted under § 265.01 sec. 1. The ban does not apply to shotguns with pistol grips. However, semi-automatic shotguns are illegal if they contain more than one of the following: folding or telescopic shaft, second handle or protruding handle that can be held by the non-absorbent hand, fixed capacity of more than seven cartridges or ability to hold a removable magazine.

Rotary cylinder shotguns are also covered by the ban. Bayonets, I believe, are only illegal if they are mounted on a semi-automatic weapon with a removable magazine. If it is a shotgun, it is not semi-automatic, it also cannot accept a magazine, so you are released in two different ways. However, as far as I know, any knife used primarily as a weapon is illegal in New York as a whole. According to the SAFE law website, a pump action cannot be an offensive weapon because it does not meet the “semi-automatic” requirement. The only times bayonet mounts seem to come into play are semi-automatic rifles that hold a magazine, which is why (AFAIK) an unmodified SKS is legal in New York despite the bayonet. r/NYguns may know better, but it seems to be okay according to the website. Local laws may vary, as NY does not have a right of first refusal. So I live in the southern plains of NYS (not the best place for a gun owner, to say the least), and I want to put a bayonet adapted to the time on a repro of the 1897 model and I`m not sure that classifies it as an offensive weapon and is illegal under the Safe Act. It is not practical to make an exhaustive list of all the places and circumstances where a particular knife may not be legal. Unexpectedly, knives are not included in sections 265.01-A and 265.06, which refer to illegal weapons on school grounds.

However, the provisions of the New York State Code require all schools to develop codes of conduct that apply to students, teachers, and visitors with respect to firearms. Knives should not be carried on school grounds or on school buses. There are also restrictions and prohibitions on knives and weapons in court facilities, correctional facilities and some airports. Someone in an area of southern New York informed me that bayonets were illegal. Well, whether it`s just for half cars or for all weapons, I don`t know if the crime of owning an otherwise legal knife “for protection” can be unconstitutional given the U.S. decision.