Best Legal Websites 2020

The law firm also points out that initial consultations are free in several places, showing how this adds value to clients in advance. In addition, highlighting their free consultations also highlights that the company is budget-conscious and offers fair and transparent billing. Since cost is a key consideration for many legal clients, this approach is about money. We have four levels of design at PaperStreet, so the timeline varies depending on the complexity of the location. Essentials websites – our cheapest website design for law firms – can be created in a matter of weeks. Our Plus and Custom Level websites usually last a few months. Our company-level sites can last from 4 to 6 months (or more for some law firms). The best websites of law firms positively distinguish the law firm from its competitors. K Bennett Law LLC is a subscription law firm specializing in law firms in Atlanta, Georgia. “Someone once asked me if professional cartoons on a legal website were a bad idea, but I don`t think so! I always find it interesting to watch them, and I think it makes the user experience a little more memorable without doing anything too radical that could push the boundaries. “- Kyle To compare your website with the best law firm websites, you need to check out three sections: Check out our portfolio of legal websites by clicking on the big green button below.

This is the best way to know if you need to contact us to discuss your project. You should also visit our website design service page, which includes FAQs, customer referrals, and examples of recently launched websites. We even integrate SEO for all our websites (title tags, meta descriptions, content best practices, XML sitemaps, webmaster tools, Google Analytics, rich snippets, etc.). For some clients, we include logo design, content writing and editing, animations, printable PDF pages, web hosting, website maintenance, branding, slogans, and other services. “This page was quick once I loaded it. Technology scores were also among the best overall. It`s impressive. Overall, the design looks a little, but almost the way some WordPress themes feel. I don`t think that`s a bad thing, it`s just not my personal taste. John “All the good things that law firm websites should be. This website weaves branding through colors, fonts, titles, and images, while having a guided hierarchy easily accessible to a user. – Taylor Need a little inspiration before revising your own company`s website? Let`s take a look at 11 of the best lawyer websites you need to see for great ideas. The next company on our list is Kasowitz Benson Torres.

We love how they use a strict color design and how much it reflects the company`s philosophy and culture to achieve the best results for their customers. And another thing we like about this beautiful website is that there are videos on their homepage. Videos offer a great user experience, especially when you use them to answer some of your potential customers` more complex questions or present your services in a simple way. “The “Our Approach” section is a unique way to visualize the customer process: obtain information, develop strategies, implement, optimize. This would work very well for other processes such as family mediation, starting a business legally, or criminal litigation. Kyle “The logo, menu, search and language functionality locked on the left side of the page are a unique choice. Most websites scroll up and down, so it`s a wise choice to allow more content vertically by placing the above elements on the left instead of the top. Although, because it`s unusual, it can be confusing for some users. “Scott Yes, all of our websites come with a basic SEO package. These include title tags, meta descriptions, content best practices, XML sitemaps, webmaster tools, Google Analytics, rich snippets, and more. When it comes to the best lawyer websites, the West Coast Trial Lawyers Firm homepage is a fantastic example of many different things that are done right.

They have highly visible navigation in the top right corner just below a prominent phone number placed next to a “free consultations/no fees until you win” message. This shows confidence in their abilities, but it also gives viewers a reason to call by reminding them that there is no risk and no cost. Please take a moment to check out our lists of the best legal sites for 2021 or take a look at our best collections of lawyer websites. The professional-looking website of this Norwegian law firm. Maybe it`s a good idea for U.S. companies to look at their European counterparts to maybe pick up a thing or two. The first screen tries to connect you to the company without preventing you from going any further. Then they have a very practical disposition of the industries in which they specialize, as well as their currency. This website may not be as special as other examples we have here, but sometimes a simpler route can give you the best possible results. Always keep this in mind! Many lawyer websites fall into the trap of making their website too complicated and confusing for the user. Beacon Law, which provides legal services to low-income people in Houston, Texas, manages to avoid this by having a clear and easy-to-find online admission form directly on its homepage. This makes the user experience much smoother for those who want quick access to legal services.

“I agree that strong design is the important factor here. Yes, this site is beautiful, the soft flyover effects and atmospheric color palette blend so perfectly. However, since you really focus on the sections, there is room for improvement by type and layout. Overall, this site is such a modern approach to legal websites and I think it`s definitely worth being on our list this year! Taylor Mason PC is one of the best in the band when it comes to telling the viewer what they`re doing without saying it.