Golf Cart Parts & Accessories

Golf Cart Parts
Virginia Golf Cars & Batteries has a well stocked on-premises supply of golf cart parts. We also have resources to obtain parts for most any make or model golf cart on the market.

Golf Cart Road Legal Kits (Not legal in VA)
If you want to make your cart your own, but still want to avoid harassment driving on city streets, check out our road legal kits. Certified and safe for most Virginia municipal by-laws, these kits add the features you want without restricting your carts usability.

Golf Cart Lift Kits
Need more clearance on your cart or just want to make it look super tough? Contact us today and we can have your cart head and shoulders above the rest at your next event.

Replacement & Custom Golf Cart Bodies
A wide variety of replacement fiberglass golf cart bodies. Whether repairing a damaged body part or looking for a new custom look to your golf cart, call us for available options.

Golf Cart Tires
We carry a wide variety of in-stock golf cart tire sizes and brands to choose from. Various tire treads available matching your golf cart's terrain requirements.

Custom Golf Cart Wheels
One of the most popular accessories for golf carts, Virginia Golf Cars & Batteries carries on-site and has the resources to order a wide variety of custom golf cart wheels.

Golf Cart Batteries
Our company's name is Virginia Golf Cars & Batteries for a reason. Not all batteries are the same and that is true for golf cart batteries.  We carry a wide variety of batteries built specifically to provide optimal performance for your electric golf cart.

Golf Cart Accessories
Looking for a windshield or a body kit? Maybe in the market for a new set of seats? Browse our full accessory list for our current inventory. If you can’t find what you need, give us a call and we may be able to special order it for you.