Where Can I Change My Child`s Last Name Legally

You will ask the judge to sign this order form to change the child`s name. You must complete it before you go to court. The new name you are requesting for the minor child Note: Check with the clerk of the county court where the child lives to find out which district court hears name change cases. Depending on the district, name changes may be heard by the district court or the district court. Schools and government agencies will likely require your child`s name to match the name on their birth certificate. If the court grants a name change, the court clerk will provide you with a certified copy of the change of name order, and the court clerk will also send a summary of the order to be filed with the Iowa Department of Health, requiring the name change on the birth certificate. See Iowa Code, Chapter 674. The officer, sheriff or private bailiff personally delivers the first court documents to the other parent. The policeman, sheriff or private processing server fills out a form called “return of service”. It tells the court when and where the other parent was served.

The completed return of service is proof that the other parent has been served. The other parent does not have to sign anything. These instructions explain the basic steps for a non-parent lawyer to ask a court to change a child`s name if the child has parents, other lawyers, or legal guardians who are unwilling to sign the required court documents. Each step contains a link to the forms needed for that step. If a family wishes to change the names of 2 or more children with the same legal parents, you only have to pay the registration fee for 1 of the applications. This article provides general information on this topic. The laws relating to this issue may have changed since this article was written. For specific legal advice on a problem you have, seek advice from a lawyer. Receiving this information does not make you a customer of our office.

As of December 21, 2021, the publication of name change orders will no longer be required. Instead, the name change will take effect as soon as you file the judge`s order with the county clerk. You may need to send a copy to the child`s other parent. However, the court cannot require you to send a notice to another person unless it does so in writing and justifies why you must do so. Finally, you can ask the court to seal name change records so that no one can access them without a court order. If you want to do this, you must explain to the court why you want to seal the name change protocol. When the judge calls your case, go to the front of the courtroom and stand in front of the judge`s bench. The judge will make you raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth. Tell the judge that you and your child`s other parent are asking for your child`s name to be changed. Be prepared to quickly tell the judge why you think changing your child`s name is in their best interest. In Iowa, there are procedures to legally change the name of an adult or child. The forms are available free of charge on this website.

Who is the respondent? The petition must list the child`s living parents (whose rights have not expired) as defendants. Any other person appointed by a court as executive curator or legal guardian of the child must also be included in the list of defendants. To change the child`s passport, contact your local passport office. To change the child`s school records, bring a certified copy of the prescription to the child`s school. You must make the petition public by posting it. The court will send you the quote for publication. If a family wishes to change the name of 2 or more children with the same parents or legal guardians, you only need to issue 1 quote. You must ensure that the citation is published in a local newspaper and sent according to the instructions in the order in which the citation is published. The shipment must be made by registered mail, acknowledgment of receipt requested.

These instructions explain the steps to change your child`s name if you and the child`s other parent agree to submit the name change request together. Each step contains a link to the forms needed for that step. You do not need to apply for a name change for your child if: If the child is under fourteen years of age, both parents must submit their consent to the name change as indicated on the birth certificate. If one of the parents disagrees with the name change, the court will schedule a hearing. At the hearing, the court may waive the consent of both parents if it finds that one of the following situations exists: If there are objections to the application, the court conducts proceedings to hear them. The court can either dismiss the application or issue an order authorizing the name change. If no objection is raised, the court may make a decision without a hearing. To change your child`s birth certificate in Texas, contact the Texas Department of State`s Vital Statistics Unit. Learn more about birth certificate changes and get the application here.

If your child was born in another state, contact that state`s Bureau of Statistics. Consent to a Minor`s Name Change Application (PJC 30) if the legal parent or court-appointed guardian of a minor child wishes to approve the application using a separate form. If the name change is requested by a person who is incarcerated, on probation or probation, or admitted to the Massachusetts Treatment Center as a sexually dangerous person, you must also send the citation by mail: Note: (If someone else is listed as a respondent, you must also have that person served unless they agree to the name change and sign your proposed order to change a child`s name, and This form: Respondent`s original reply form.) A return service form (indicating when and where each defendant was served) has been in the clerk`s office for at least 10 days (except for the day it was filed or the day you go to court). If the name change is allowed, the court will make a judgment on the name change. You can apply for a certificate for a fee It can be very difficult to change your child`s name if the other parent does not agree to the name change. You can try an informal name change. You should know that the other parent can stop this if they find out. To change a child`s name, see Start a crash and walk through the rest of the process. Let us know if you have any further questions and good luck to you.

If the parents or a custodial person agree to the name change and go to court, the hearing could take place on the day the court documents are filed or as soon as a judge is available. If they do not agree, it will take at least 8 weeks to change the child`s name. In the context of a divorce case. If you are applying for a name change as part of an ongoing divorce, include your name change application in your application (if you are an applicant) or in your response (if you are a defendant), and the court may include the change in the final judgment. If you change your name in divorce proceedings, you can only change your name to (1) the name on your birth certificate or (2) the name you had immediately before the marriage. See Iowa Code Section 598.37. In divorce or custody proceedings. If an action for divorce or custody is pending, the change of name of a minor child may be part of the divorce or custody proceedings.

Include your name change application in your application (if you are the plaintiff) or your response (if you are the defendant), and the court may include the change in the final judgment. See Iowa Code Section 598.37. Step 6: Make copies of the Notice of Final Hearing form. Make a copy of your completed Notice of Final Hearing form for each person named as a party to your case, including yourself. You are responsible for notifying the appropriate authorities of your child`s new name. Obtain at least five certified copies of a child`s name change order signed by the judge by the case officer during your stay. The Clerk charges a fee for certified true copies. You will need certified copies of the prescription to change the child`s name on the Social Security card, birth certificate, passport, school records, etc. Each agency wishes to keep a certified copy of the order.